Loctite Adhesives

Loctite® Instant Adhesives are the most diverse line of cyanoacrylates adhesives (CAs) available, providing you with fast assembly solutions for a variety of materials, including plastics , elastomers and matels. Our history of high quality innovation and commitment to technical support means you can rely on Henkel to be your total solutions provider from start to finish.

Why Loctite® Instant Adhesives? Loctite® Instant Adhesives are extremely versatile and easy to use. They are one-component products(eliminating mixing issues) , they cure at room temperature without the need for heat or light energy, and they yield very high bond strengths to plastics , metals , rubbers, wood and many other substrates. Why Loctite®? Support From design and product development to the final manufacturing process, Henkel adhesive specialists provide you with a wealth of expertise to meet your instant bonding challenges. Our approach is one of flexibility, allowing us to draw on our global technical expertise to provide a solution to support your specific goals. When you choose Loctite® Instant Adhesives, you get a partner in Henkel who will provide you with the technical support and instant solutions you need.


Loctite - 406 The instant adhesive for extremely fast cures on rubbers and plastics. Bonds rubber to rubber, rubber to metal, including EPDM type rubbers. Ideal for bonding rubber components on handles, tools, electrical appliances and vehicle doors with window seals. 

Loctite Super Bonder 495 is a low viscosity, general purpose instant adhesive. Applications: Bonding rubber, metal and plastics.

Approvals / Specifications: Meets MIL-A-46050C, Type II, Class 1

 Prism® 401 Surface Insensitive Instant Adhesive. A general purpose surface insensitive adhesive for difficult-to bond surfaces.