Hylomar Universal Blue


Hylomar Universal Blue

Gasket and Jointing Compound

Hylomar Universal Blue is the world standard for a non-setting sealant. It is used by many of the worlds automotive manufacturers, major airlines, compressor manufacturers, heavy equipment manufacturers, various OEMs and racing teams. It is a polyester urethane based viscous putty blended with a solvent to make it easy to apply, whether pumped, applied in a tube, or sprayed in an aerosol.It was a revolutionary sealant when it was introduced over 40 years ago, a development product out of Rolls Royce that was used to seal the flanges in gas turbine engines and withstand the high temperatures and intense vibration of a jet engine.

A non-setting sealant, it doesn't harden, even at 250oC. It has a unique curtaining action. As flanges sealed with Hylomar Universal Blue are pulled apart, the material stretches, and then breaks cohesively, leaving sealant on both sides. When the flanges return together, the putty reseals, a self-healing mechanism. This makes Universal Blue a particularly effective sealant on close fitting large flanges which are subject to extreme vibration, distortion, or joint movement, because while the seal may break for a microsecond, it reseals and the fluids remain contained.