Loctite® Hysol Epoxy

Loctite® Hysol

     The strength of the Loctite® Hysol® product range is in its ability to bond many substrates including metals, glass, ceramic, wood and most plastics.

     Over many years, the Henkel Loctite technology base has been greatly expanded with the acquisition of the Resin Technology Group, Dexter, Multicore® and Power Devices. With the addition of Hysol® to its product family, Henkel Loctite has developed a broad range of unique epoxy adhesives, which together with its commitment to quality and service, have made it the single source for all engineering adhesives.

     The Loctite® Hysol® range comprises one and two component epoxies that offer improved clarity, less odour, better flow, higher strength and greater durability than competitive products. They are approved and specified by engineers and designers worldwide for a wide range of bonding applications, from aerospace to the electronics industry, from maintenance to original equipment manufacturers. Close attention to environmental issues means they can be shipped and used in markets worldwide without compromising performance.