Oil Seals

Oil seals

     Oil Seals - A rotary oil seals is one of the machine elements used to prevent oil leakage from the rotary shalf ang housing clearance. Various types of synthetic rubber materials and seal designs are available to suit a wide range of applications.

Note : Maith deals with two measuring type system, inches and millimeters

     However, Maith provies its oil seal items with two brands according to its measurement units, National® Oil 

Seals (inche unit) and TTO (millimeter unit).

     TTO has been enjoying a leading reputation. In gathering our 40 years experience we clearly understand the characteristics of seal's usage and manufacturing. From designing (Auto CAD), molding, metal case treatment (computer control), spring, vulcanization (vacuum forming) to package, all process are manufactured by ourselves. In order to stay ahead of our competition, we are developing more and more automatic equipment to provide efficient services. 

            Customers will get the lowest cost for the highest quality products. Our goal is to win customer's trust as long term supplier for your oil seal requirements. We provide oil seals measured in inches by National® Oil Seals.

     National Oil Seals has been delivering quality replacement parts for more than six decades, and our brand name is trusted worldwide. As an OE supplier, we do in-house engineering and design. That means we can guarantee the correct sealing compounds and the right designs for your application. Federal-Mogul also has pioneered the design and use of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) oil seals for commercial - vehicle wheel end applications. The company’s patented lay-down sealing lip design ensures long life in spite of extreme temperatures, shaft imperfections, shaft/bore misalignment and excessive shaft thrust or movement. In addition, National Oil Seals offers the proprietary RediCoat sealant to eliminate bore leakage.