Pulton Japanese Brand

       Pulling 1-ton: This represents the pulling strength of a bicycle chain. Pulton Chain Co., Inc. was established in 1927 to produce bicycle chains as main products. The company has been producing high-quality bicycle chains taking the spirit of "Pulton" into the trademark of the products.

      This spirit has never changed to date. We have been producing transmitting chains and conveyor chains passing on the spirit of the business foundation continuously up to the present time.

      In 1978, the company started the production of Slide Rails by using chain manufacturing technologies efficiently. Due to the fact that the Slide Rail has a wide range of applications for linear moving parts such as in office equipment, today, the product has grown to be the vital item of our main products.

      Pulton Chain Co., Inc.'s intention is to successfully compete in the 21st Century's business environment with these two products as powerful business pillars.


Main Product:

Roller Chains 

PULTON Roller chain is ANSI standard chain manufactured for power transmission chain.
In addition, we manufacture heavy series roller chain, BS roller chain, construction machine chain, conveyor chain and others to meet our customer's requirement.

They are extensively used in the various field.
There is also PULTON economical chain for contributing to your cost-cutting.
Special chain can be designed and manufactured on request.