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Instant Adhesive – low viscosity. Ideal for bonding of plastics and elastomeric materials where very fast fixturing is required.

LOCTITE 406 is an instant adhesive designed especially for the fast bonding of plastics and rubbers. This product offers exceptionally low viscosity. When combined with Loctite primers for cyanoacrylates, it can also be use on difficult-to-bond plastics.

Your Benefits:

  • Rapid bonding of  plastic & rubber, including EPDM
  • Loctite 770 improves adhesion of difficult-to-bond substrates

Technical Data:

  • Colour: Colourless transparent
  • Fixture time: 2-10 sec.
  • Service temperature range: -40 to + 120°C
  • Max. gap size: 0,05mm
  • Description: Plastic and rubber, low viscosity



Maith is Sole Dealer for Loctite for more 20 years, With over 500 Loctite Products. Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

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