MGIT Smooth Rubber Sheet SBR [all sizes] [10M LENGTH PER ROLL]

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BR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) is known for its exceptional resistance to abrasion and its extraordinary tensile strength that makes it very long lasting. This polymer is better than natural rubber when it comes to ageing and temperature resistance. SBR also has excellent mechanical properties and is often used for coating rubber sheets.

Aside from the good insulation and shock absorption qualities they provide, SBR sheets can also resist inorganic chemical products, tearing and the ozone. These sheets are ideal for automotive and construction industries.

Maith Gulf offers a wide range of smoothly finished, SBR-based rubber sheeting products that come in different thicknesses and dimensions.


SBR rubber can be compounded to provide very fine abrasion, wear, and tensile qualities. SBR can be readily substituted for natural rubber in many applications with significant cost savings. NR/SBR rubber sheet mainly used in seal gasket, seal strip, it also could be put on the workbench, or used as rubber matting and rubber floor.



Working Temperature

-20 to 80°C


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1.00 Meter, 1.20 Meter


65 ± 5 (Shore A)

Specific Gravity

1.7 (g/cc)


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